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Beam’s partner foundU share vision of simpler super payments for Australian businesses

Since partnering with foundU in 2020, Beam has provided a streamlined super payment solution to businesses that use foundU’s payroll software platform.

A simpler way to pay super

Australian employers looking for a simpler way to manage and pay their employee’s super can rely on Beam and our Payroll Partners to deliver a user-friendly super payments solution. Our partner foundU is a great example of making super payments simple for Australian businesses. In 2020 Beam partnered with foundU to integrate a super payment solution directly into foundU’s platform. With Beam there is no more third-party portals, annoying unnecessary steps; employers can spend less time paying super. Upfront validation and an efficient customer-centric experience have dramatically improved the super payment flow for foundU’s users.

How foundU found Beam

foundU is an Australian all-in-one HR software provider that prides itself on delivering a data-driven one-click payroll solution. Just like Beam, foundU aims to create a simple user experience that allows employers to spend less time and energy on the payroll. Part of foundU’s offering is accurate and up-to-date compliance, something that Beam is also an advocate for. Beam proactively works with foundU to help employers remain compliant with their super obligations. Struggling with providing a consistent solution for employers paying super, foundU went searching for a strategic partner to complement their vision of an all-in-one payroll platform. foundU wanted a partner that had the same goal to simplify super payments, a brand with a proven track record and experience in the industry and who could support foundU’s ambitions into the future. When discussing the partnership with Beam, foundU COO Renee Roussety shared this:

“Before partnering with Beam, paying superannuation was dreaded task for customers. CSV imports wouldn’t quite match up, SMSF’s had to be done manually and Clearing Houses all had different views on what the ‘industry standard’ was. For foundU, our pre-Beam life was plagued with constant technical updates and plenty of queries from customers. Our implementations team have streamlined superannuation set up too, the burden on our development team has eased and most importantly our customers can process superannuation confidently in just a few clicks. Beam is powerful, because, like foundU it prioritises streamlined customer experiences leaving no room for error.”

A simple solution that prioritises customer experience; that’s how foundU found Beam.

Simplify EOFY with Beam and our Payroll Partners

How can EOFY processes be easier for employers? Using software designed to make end of year reporting is a great way to make EOFY easier. End of year reporting can be a stressful and difficult experience for employers who aren’t using a payroll platform that integrates super payments and reporting. The last thing employers need is another portal to lodge payments and data. The benefit of a payroll platform partnered with Beam is a streamlined payment system that is built directly into the payroll platform. Beam and partners like foundU want to give employers the ability to spend less time spent on payroll and to have a simpler EOFY.

If you’re an employer looking to simplify your super payments during EOFY, here’s how Beam can help:

Upfront validation

Beam provides upfront data validation to employers. This validation prevents incorrect super fund information from being used to process payments, a mistake that can often be made. Incorrect super fund details being used is a mistake that can be easily overlooked. If left unchecked, this problem might not be discovered until EOFY when Single Touch Payroll (STP) data is being processed. This could lead to a late payment fee for missed super payments and potentially delay STP reporting. Upfront data validation prevents this issue from occurring by providing direct feedback to employers as they are onboard new employees and their selected funds. Less administrative issues, yes please!

Payroll partner support

Compliance and legislation are an important part of the relationship between Beam and its payroll partners. Beam works with our software providers like foundU to ensure employers have the most up to date and compliant information regarding super payments. Beam’s contact centre and relationship management team are in regular contact with partners to communicate any changes to legislation and best practices. Need assistance with your super payments? Simply talk to your payroll provider to access support, Beam directly assists payroll support teams so they can work with you.

Batch payments and simple reporting in one place

Beam works with software providers like foundU to make employers super payments as simple as possible. With Beam, super payments are made in one central place without having to jump to another third-party portal. Super contributions are loaded in a single batch and sent to your employee’s super fund without data extracts or visits to external portals.

Secure, compliant and ready to go

If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable and secure technology to trust your super payments with, look no further than Beam. Supported by one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, Australian Retirement Trust, Beam is a trusted clearing house partner to over 94,000 employers Australia-wide.¹ Concerned about security and data privacy? Beam uses encrypted communications when transmitting personal information in connection with its services and is compliant with both the Australian Tax Office. Worried about reliability? Beam constantly monitors our integration to ensure it remains active and responsive, even during peak times like EOFY. Beam is ready and available for employers needs to ensure a seamless experience.

Integrating with Beam has never been easier

Beam can be the biggest supporter for a software partner or employer looking for a simple super payment solution. With EOFY just around the corner, employers that have registered to use Beam through one of our fantastic payroll partners can save admin time with a simpler and more efficient process to pay their employees super while still meeting their super obligations.

If you’re a software partner or employer yet to experience the Beam difference, now’s the time to consider Beam.

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¹Statistic current as of 23 May 2023