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Give your super the gift that will keep on giving – for you

Whether you’re starting a new job, want to get your super on track or are planning on retiring soon, taking charge of your super can help you get closer to your dream retirement.

Taking active steps to grow your super by making additional contributions could have a significant difference to your super balance in the future.

Sometimes contributions from your employer alone may not be enough to fund your dream retirement, so if you can make additional contributions now, the ripple effect of compounding investment earnings can boost your super savings and help you prepare for the years ahead.

And, depending on the way you choose to contribute to your super, you may also be able to lower your taxable income or receive extra contributions from the Government.

How does the compounding investment earnings work?

Superannuation is a long-term investment, so every dollar in your super savings account can earn compound earnings, where the earnings you make on your investment also create their own earnings from your contributions year after year.  So, contributing extra to your super, even in small amounts, can mean your investment earnings work harder for you to help grow your super even faster.

Keep in mind that returns may vary considerably over time, so it’s important to stay on top of your super.

Want to know more about growing your super?

Remember there are many considerations when looking to add to your super including limits on how much you can contribute to your super each year.  For more information on adding to your super, visit the ATO website.

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