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How Myaccountant’s payroll software seamlessly connected with Beam using our RESTful API

At Beam we understand that software providers are constantly looking to make life easier for their customers. Our focus is helping software partners simplify payroll for their users. Beam has a proven track record of collaborating with our partners to make super payments simple for Australian businesses.

Beam can seamlessly connect into payroll software with our intuitive RESTful API. This API allows partners like Myaccountant to integrate Beam into their platform and supply a super payment solution for their users.

Beam’s RESTful API is the seamless super payment solution

If providing comprehensive payroll platforms is your goal, offering a simple and efficient super payment function is a must. Integrating with Beam allows payroll software to offer a compliant and simple addition that can manage super payments, messaging and STP reporting all from within their software via Beam’s RESTful API.

Scalability isn’t an issue either! Beam’s APIs are cloud-based, utilising Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. Beam’s APIs are fully scalable, available and secure.

A fully integrated Beam enabled solution means a better customer solution for payroll software users. No third-party super portals and the user receives upfront validation alerts and payment notifications. With Beam, payroll software providers can truly offer a streamlined STP solution within their platform.

Myaccountant’s seamless solution

Of course, you don’t just need to take our word, it’s our partners who really sell our solution. So, we’re excited that when Myaccountant looked to transform their platform by integrating a super payment solution they wanted to partner with Beam to integrate our super payment solution into their platform.

Myaccountant needed a seamless solution for super contributions and STP reporting that also reduced their overheads and compliance costs. They needed an experienced technology solutions partner with a proven track record with super payments while offering solid customer service that’s easy to deal with, as part of an end-to-end integration.

Enter Beam.

Rajesh Pawar, Founder of Myaccountant, says of Beam’s API integration, ‘At Myaccountant, we’re all about fast and easy payroll software with automated tax, super and leave calculations. So, it was critical that we chose a proven partner for our superannuation component. Beam’s API has worked seamlessly and the team have been great to work with.’

As one of our newest partners, we’re thrilled to see Myaccountant hit the ground running with Beam. We look to strengthen the relationship between Beam and Myaccountant and we are excited to see the new look platform grow and develop in the future.

Beyond payroll

At Beam we help our partners give your customers a simpler way to manage super all in one platform. Our solution offers more features and a clearer view of super transactions than a traditional clearing house. And our RESTful API allows you to integrate a compliant super messaging easily and seamlessly and STP reporting solution into your payroll software.

Beam’s approach to getting you Super compliant and STP-enabled has loads of benefits.

  • More affordable fees. With our flexible and responsive fee structure, you can get the integration and support you need at a resource-friendly price.
  • Lower external costs. Seamless reporting can help to reduce your support and compliance costs.
  • Better customer experience. Our powerful integration aims to deliver everything you need, including upfront validation, alerts and payment notifications, all within your own platform.

Matt de Largie, Beam Product Manager, says, ‘Here at Beam we have a team of experienced and highly-skilled developers that deeply understand the superannuation business. The API we developed over the past five years is best industry practice and provides a streamlined process for our payroll partners and software developers.’

The best news? We make it easy to partner with us. Whatever the size of your development team and business, Beam can easily integrate with your payroll offering via our RESTful API. Our support team are here to help you every step of the way to achieve a user-friendly integration.

STP and super compliance is here to stay. And having the right solution will ensure you’re offering the best to your own clients without being left behind.

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Beam is driven by creating mutually beneficial partnerships. We’re here to simplify the complex and make integration with payroll software simple for each of those partners. Get in touch with our experts to find out how Beam can seamlessly connect with your payroll software and help with your payroll solution.

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