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Is your user experience supporting growth?

Improve the experience employers have when making super contributions and reporting STP with Beam.

Beam makes paying super simpler by seamlessly integrating with payroll platforms, creating a great user experience for employers. Improve your employers’ user experience by partnering with Beam to provide desirable features directly to your payroll platform. Beam can also help fast-track growth by offering a flexible commercial model. Beam allows payroll providers to manage integration costs to users and provides administrative support and resources required to simplify super for employers.

Out-of-the-box platform growth

Making Beam your super payments and STP solutions partner allows payroll software to scale up their platform thanks to Beam’s ready-to-go model. Beam isn’t a ‘Plug and Play’ solution, it’s an opportunity to add real value to your payroll platform with user experience improvements and super payment support without losing control of your users. Beam offers payroll software providers the tools required to integrate Beam seamlessly into their payroll platform. It’s not just APIs and integrations that come with Beam, it’s a partnership aimed at holistically improving super payment processes for businesses using payroll software. From day one of the partnership, Beam can provide software developers with the information they need to add super payments and/or STP to their platforms. Payroll platforms can continue to grow and develop by leveraging Beam’s experience and knowledge.

Manager of Growth and Partnerships Josie Armao believes that “Any payroll company with growth on the agenda should consider Beam as a solutions partner. We do more than just integrations, it’s a package deal that comes with support, guidance, and customer engagement. Beam is agile and well-equipped to work alongside payroll software of any size.”

As part of our ‘out of the box’ growth model, we don’t just rely on our integration to improve customer experience. Beam works alongside support teams and help centres to provide guidance and training for employers using the platform. This means less spent on operational expenses and less hassle for the end user. Let Beam be your super payments advocate.

Beam gives you the tools to grow

What does your payroll platform need to grow? Marketing support? Compliance guidance? Beam provides partners with the tools that can help improve the overall experience employers have making super payments and reporting STP. You are in control of the business and the delivery; we provide the software and support to achieve your goals. These generalised case studies highlight the value of our offering; however, it’s important that payroll providers can make an informed decision on what’s right for their business.

Robust technology built for growth

Beam has a proven track record of providing reliable and effective solutions to our partners. Software providers can be confident that Beam has their business and their customers covered. Utilising Azure cloud infrastructure, Beam’s APIs are available 24/7 for our software partners. Beam has extensive experience with variable workloads and peak activity, plus our components are continuously monitored and regularly tuned to maintain responsiveness and scalability to support a seamless user experience. That’s why we are a trusted technology partner with some of Australia’s leading payroll software companies.

Employer support to improve the experience

Beam can be more than just a software partner, we are a team member, collaborator, and supporter. Beam works alongside our partners to assist support teams and administrators with guiding employers through making super contributions. Beam provides guidance and training to better support employers. This means less spent on operational expenses and less hassle for your customers. Beam’s software partners also have access to a dedicated partnership manager who will work with you through the development process. Beam also has team members available to work with payroll platforms to improve the experience employers have with paying super. By partnering with Beam, software providers can simplify super by simplifying the customer experience of employers making super contributions.

Simplify super for employers

Backed by more than twenty years of super payments expertise, Beam has established itself as a forward-thinking software solution technology partner. With extensive experience in the super industry, Beam can provide software partners support, advice and guidance on all things super and STP related. Beam regularly collaborates with payroll partners, including offering useful resource tools and materials to deliver better experiences for their customers. All of this is aimed at simplifying and de stressing the experience Australian employers have making super contributions. At Beam, becoming a partner means working together to deliver solutions to simplify super for employers but also sharing our successes together.

Beam works with you to suit your business and customer needs. If you’re looking to partner with a forward-thinking software solution technology partner, we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, you can request access to our APIs and start exploring how your platform can connect with Beam. Request access here.

Changes in marketplace trends

Since 2018 Mat Gilroy and the Beam team have been at the forefront of super payments software development and payroll simplification. The legacy of the Beam team extends further than 2018. In fact, before Beam, operating as Precision Administration Services Pty Ltd, the team provided super payment services to large superannuation funds for nearly 20 years. Today, the Beam team has grown from a handful of like-minded people to the expansive high-performing team supporting the brand today. Part of Australian Retirement Trust (ART), Beam has continued to grow and is one of the largest super payments service providers. With over 90,000¹ employers having used Beam, the team have proven themselves to be a major player in the industry, with the goal of simplifying super for employers.

“Beam is always in contact with industry bodies, the ATO, super funds, payroll providers and employers regularly to ensure we are always leading the conversation and improving the experience for employers wanting to make super contributions simpler. Our ability to remain agile to meet new challenges and changes in the industry is a credit to our team and brand” – Mat Gilroy, Beam Founder and Head of Employer, Platforms and Partnerships at Australian Retirement Trust.

More than 30 years of super industry experience

With our heritage and experience in the Australian financial industry, it’s not hard to see why Beam is trusted by several leading software payroll providers. Beam has been through it all from Royal Commissions and legislation changes to the changing face of the super industry. And our uncommon commitment to delivering consistent and reliable solutions has positioned us as a software technology partner that can be counted on. It’s one of the reasons why Beam stands out in the industry and why we’re confident that we can continue to deliver solutions that make a difference to support the super and payroll industry.

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¹This figure is current as of February 2023.