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Is your workplace thriving?

Since 2015, SuperFriend has produced the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report as part of Australia’s largest workplace mental health survey. In 2021, they surveyed over 10,000 Australian workers to gain insights into the state of Australian workplaces and the mental health and wellbeing of their workers. It has unique insights from COVID-19’s profound impact on workers around the nation, looks at how each industry has fared during 2021 and deep dives into a number of key issues that many workplaces are currently facing.

The Report highlights at-risk industries and populations, actions most likely to improve worker outcomes and practical strategies for getting the best out of your people.

This is key to proving to your employees that you value their mental health, wellbeing and contributions to your organisation, while also ensuring your organisation is set up correctly to maximise performance and productivity.

Key call-outs from the 2021 report

2021 was the second year of the pandemic and many Australian workers navigated their way through multiple lockdowns, social distancing and changing workloads.

The research by SuperFriend discovered:

  • Over 50% of Australian workers experienced a mental health condition
  • Half of the workforce wants to work remotely to some extent, and 3 in 5 of those workers want to work remotely at least 50% of the time, and
  • People who work in their preferred location (remote and/or on-site) are the most productive.

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