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We’re pleased to announce that the team at Payroller have partnered with us at Beam with the aim of delivering a fast and easy super solution for Australian businesses. From June 2020, Payroller users will now be able to use Beam to pay multiple super funds in a single transaction, without leaving Payroller’s software.

Beam is committed to delivering progressive payment and messaging solutions through emerging technologies. We’re passionate about making super simple.

Payroller describes themselves as “a team of passionate creatives, who provide small businesses with a tool that cuts out the confusion for employers when paying their employees. Providing their users with a simple and friendly payroll system designed specifically for Australian small businesses. They’ve simplified the experience so that employers and employees can focus more on what’s important to them.”

Beam integrates with payroll software to help make super simple. Employers can pay multiple super funds in a single transaction, all inside their payroll software. Having Payroller on board as a partner is giving access to Beam’s award-winning and innovative solution to many more employers.