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Uncovering the partnership with Beam

Partnering your payroll software with Beam isn’t a one-way street, your success is our success! Find out how our partner Payroller discovered a super solution that works for their brand and their customers.

Payroller STP platform, meet Beam

Since partnering with Beam, Payroller (a part of Bookipi brand), has been a welcomed voice and partner. Advocating for small and boutique businesses Payroller is a champion for simplifying STP for businesses without a sizeable payroll team.

All employers and businesses have unique challenges and barriers, however what is universal for all Australian employers is the mandatory payment of super to eligible employees. At Beam, we know that employers can struggle to meet their super contribution obligations. Submitting super payments after the quarterly due dates or uncertainty about regulations and requirements are part of the struggle business owners may face. That’s why we are proud to partner with innovative software providers like Payroller to make super payments simple for businesses!

As a champion for simplifying STP for businesses, we were thrilled that Payroller chose to partner with us. Beam and Payroller shared a common goal, simplify a complicated process for small and boutique business Australia wide. The partnership between Payroller and Beam ensured the delivery of multiple improvements to enhance the experience of Payroller’s customers. These improvements made making super payments hassle free, removing the need for multiple online portals or messy processes.

One of the many reasons that Payroller was able to easily integrate with Beam is due to our RESTful API. This allowed Payroller to collaborate with the Beam tech team, while still being in control of the integration process! With support from the Beam team, Payroller was able to build a user interface that worked for their development team but more importantly suited the needs of their customers.

Super contributions for Australian businesses are a fact of life. The old phrase of ‘death and taxes’ probably needs to be updated to include super contributions. And while super payments are mandatory, it doesn’t need to be difficult for businesses or payroll platform developers! That’s why Beam is committed to working with our payroll partners like Payroller, to make super payments simpler for all businesses.

Why Payroller chose Beam?

For Payroller it was simple, Beam understood the challenges small businesses with limited resourcing faced when making super contributions. As part of this article, we spoke with Payroller about all things super. Something that originally attracted Beam to Payroller was ‘the simplicity of the solution and the painless integration process’ that Beam offered.

In the past, Payroller’s super payments process were made via a third-party portal outside of Payroller’s payroll platform. This process was outside of Payroller’s core principle of ‘being easy to use and easy for businesses’. It was Payroller’s goal to allow their customers the ability ‘do everything they need for payroll in a few clicks’, something that the existing super payment process was preventing.

Enter Beam. A ‘pain free solution’ for Payroller’s customers that allowed contributions to be made from within the Payroller platform. No more third-party portals or complex processes for making super contributions. This enabled Payroller to achieve their goal of allowing business to complete payroll in only a few simple clicks and all in one place.

Building Beam in your platform

Beam has been designed to work alongside payroll software developers to create a seamless integration to easily build Beam into the payroll software. Our API solution puts Beam into your software developers’ hands to shape the interface as required to suit the needs of your customers and your business. What’s more at Beam, we don’t insist on any structural changes, or even require a payroll platform to connect to all our open API’s. We offer flexibility, development teams can use Beam in the way that will work best with their platform. At all stages of the integration, Beam can provide expert support and guidance to prospective payroll software providers. In fact, one of the initial steps open to prospective payroll software providers is to access our development sandbox to allow developers to begin scoping and understanding the usability of Beam in collaboration with their platform.

Everything we do is about collaborating with our partners, so we encourage our partners to take us along their journey so we can deliver the best experience possible! Beam isn’t a one size fits all solution. Beam can be tailored to suit your business and customer needs, while still supporting you to achieve your business goals by providing support and advice when you need it.

Payroller + Beam = Satisfied Customers

By simplifying the processes of making super contributions through Beam, Payroller has reduced their overall support centre calls made about super payments. And in turn, created satisfied customers who have benefitted from less admin from paying their employees super easily, without any hassles.

One of the many ways that Beam supports our partner’s customers to provide the best customer experience possible, is through our upfront validation from within the payroll platform. ‘Upfront validation makes paying super simpler, employers get feedback directly from their payroll platform if there is any issue with a super payment, instead of waiting for a refund or error email’, describes Michael Abbott, Beam Relationship Manager.

Together, let’s make super simple

At Beam we work with our partners to make a difference. ‘Simple solutions are a must for our customers. It must be an easy-to-use platform so that the customer can concentrate on their business, not the small financial details that should be automated,’ is why Payroller turned to Beam.

Payroller are an excellent example of how Beam can work with software payroll providers to enhance and tailor their business offering so they can deliver the best experience to their customer’s thanks to the flexibility and simplicity of Beam’s super payments solution.

Find out how you can partner with Beam here.

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