Beam and Tanda: Simpler Super for Employers

by Beam



Welcome to the team, Tanda users will be able to use the Beam integration to make super simpler.

Introducing Beam’s newest software partner, Tanda!

We are excited to announce our latest software partner to join Beam, Tanda. Officially launching in October, Beam will provide our super payment integration to Tanda and its users. Our integration fits within Tanda’s platform; no need for third-party portals or extra steps. Seamless super payments made easy.

Beam, meet Tanda.

Who are our newest partners Tanda? Focusing on all-in-one payroll, HR and workplace management, software company Tanda provides rostering and attendance, employee onboarding as well as award compliance. They’re a tech-first brand, focusing on solving problems with their technology without overpromising to the end user.

Founded in 2012, Tanda has been delivering its payroll software to some of Australia’s largest employers, nationwide. Based in Brisbane, Tanda has remained an independent software company that specialises in automating compliance with up-to-date award systems.

While Tanda is agnostic to industries, its products are focused on simple award interpretation and payment, a must-have for any business with shift or hourly workers. That doesn’t stop Tanda from being a solution for any business, the platform is also able to handle more complex enterprise agreements for larger employers.

Removing the friction and stress points for businesses employing shift and hourly workers is the goal of Tanda. A simpler way of paying super is a step towards this goal.

Tanda’s path to improving super payments.

Already a successful platform with over 10,000 users, Tanda wanted to provide a holistic service to their customers, recognising super payments as an opportunity to improve the service delivered. Beam joining Tanda’s integrations provides employers with the ability to make super simpler. Highlighting the alignment between Beam and Tanda, Tanda’s Financial Controller and Operations Director Brianna O’Regan shared this:

“Tanda selected Beam because it aligns with our decision of reducing friction when paying hourly workers. Bean has a proven commitment to streamlining digital services for employers and employees. Beam is a powerful tool for all Tanda Payroll customers. Super contributions are simple, with a straightforward user interface and no uploads.”

Beam’s Senior Manager for Strategic Partnerships and Growth Josie Armao is excited to see the continued growth of Tanda and Beam:

“Tanda is already in a strong position as a software provider. With us as a software partner, we look forwards to seeing growth in users, and experience for both Tanda and Beam. We are always looking to partner with software platforms that recognise the considerable barriers for employers. There is a better way to pay super, and it’s Beam!”

Get integrated with Beam

From October 1, employers can connect to Beam within Tanda’s software thanks to our integrated solutions. Paying Super has never been easier thanks to Beam. Employers can look forwards to some amazing Beam features and benefits.

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