Super payments made easy.

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Beam makes super simple. It’s the new way to manage super in payroll. Beam optimises your payroll software to help make super and STP reporting simple. Now your employee payroll, superannuation and STP reporting can be managed through one single and central platform.

What to expect

All of your information in one place

Beam integrates seamlessly with payroll software so you can manage your payroll, super and STP reporting obligations all in one place.

Fast super payments

Forget about third-party portals and file uploads, Beam makes it possible to calculate, process and submit super contributions all in one place – your payroll software. Super contributions are beamed to all employees’ super funds in a single batch.

Easy administration

Beam offers an integrated STP solution from within your payroll software so you can report payments such as salaries and wages, PAYG withholding and super information each time you pay your employees.

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