Beam Cookie Policy

The Beam cookie policy provides additional information on how we use cookies to provide a more meaningful online experience.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Beam Privacy Policy. It provides additional information to greater explain how we use cookies to provide a more meaningful online experience.

Cookies are small text-based files which are downloaded to your computer or device when you visit and browse a website. These cookies can be read by the site that issued them to provide relevant content and a tailored experience as you browse.

Beam uses cookies to deliver functionality and personalisation of your online experience with us by recording which pages and functions are used on our sites.

In addition to using cookies to monitor which pages on our website you visit, we may also use cookies from third-party ad servers, for the purpose of targeting our online advertisements on other sites. To do this we use cookies provided by our third-party ad servers on our site to collect information such as:

* The server your computer logged onto

* Your browser type

* Anonymous browsing behaviour

* The date and time of your visit

* The performance of marketing efforts

The information collected and logged on our behalf through this technology is not personally identifiable to our third-party ad servers and we do not capture or transmit any usage information that can personally identify you to these ad servers.

As a result, our third-party ad servers may show more ads that are relevant to you as you browse websites and partner sites.

How to delete or opt-out of cookies

You have full control over how cookies are used on your computer or device through changing your browser settings. Some of the cookies used by Beam are essential for the correct functioning of our online services.

If you decide to delete or block certain cookies, your experience on (and other Beam websites) may be limited or you may discover that some parts of the website will not work correctly (or at all), especially where cookies are used for security and fraud detection functions.

To learn more about how you can opt-out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies visit the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out.