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Beam integrates into software platforms seamlessly, providing an embedded super payments feature that lets employers manage super obligations directly from their payroll. It’s a simple, user-friendly and secure way to make paying super effortless. 

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Beam is a popular choice for many leading software providers – we’re a trusted partner who can fulfil their customers’ needs with full super payment capabilities, all within your existing software. 

Enhance your software

Icon of We grow with you. We’re built to easily scale

We grow with you. We’re built to easily scale

Beam is a complete super payments platform, engineered for growth. Our supertech scales with any business, no matter the size. There’s no employee limit on our system. So if you grow your customers exponentially, that’s a great thing! We’re right by your side, cheering you on.

Icon of Your customers will beam with delight

Your customers will beam with delight

Our feedback from partners is that employers stick around after using Beam. We’re not surprised. You and your customers can look forward to simpler super payments and support from the best in the business.

Icon of Success breeds success

Success breeds success

A quality partnership such as ours can help strengthen your business proposition and add value overnight. We’ve been extremely successful. So have you. Imagine what we can achieve together?

Helping your users

Icon of We make payroll managers cry…

We make payroll managers cry…

In a good way! We’ve been known to make payroll officers cry, wishing they’d found us earlier. We’ve transformed something time-consuming and painful into a brilliantly simple solution. Now when it comes to super payments, over 100,000 users across Australia are beaming with delight.

Icon of Getting started is simple

Getting started is simple

Whether your business is big or small, Beam is designed to easily fit your workflow. You can manage all your super obligations in one place, reducing admin burden and streamlining the payment process.

Icon of Support to brighten your day

Support to brighten your day

We obsess over making super payments more effortless and ensuring employers are well supported. We invest in comprehensive training and tailored support levels for our partners and their support teams. Together with Beam, you can continue to support your customers when paying super.

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