Getting started with Beam: Updating your details

by Beam



You can update most of your details from within your payroll software, either from your payroll settings or Beam’s registration.

Updating your business details and contacts

Changes to your email address and/or contact details need to be made within your software provider’s payroll platform. These changes need to be made before submitting your next super contribution payment, so Beam has the most up to date records for your contribution payments and reporting.

If you make a contribution, and then change your details in the same month, we’ll automatically send your transaction statement to the email address listed in your software at the time the contribution was made

Updating or changing your default super fund

Making a change or updating your chosen default super fund/s will depend on how Beam super payment has been set-up with your payroll system’s software provider. Some software providers record your default super fund and will send to Beam in your next contribution.

If your software platform doesn’t record your default super fund, you can update or change your default super fund directly with Beam by updating your registration details.

If you’re not sure, it’s best check the help materials offered by software provider or contact your software providers payroll support team to find out their process for updating default funds. 

Updating USIs

Once a USI is available to accept contributions, you’ll be able to make necessary changes to your default super fund/s. Changes to a default fund/s is dependent on your payroll software

Super fund lookup

When changing default funds, or adding a new one, you can search if a super fund is open and available to accept contributions. The ATO’s Super Fund Lookup tool allows you to search by fund name or ABN.

Changing your Direct Debit details

To change your Direct Debit bank accounts, simply follow these four steps.

  1. You’ll need to login to your software provider’s payroll platform and go back to the “Register for Beam” option.  
  2. Click to step 2 in the form, ‘Payment method’. 
  3. The account/s available are listed under ‘Direct Debit Requests.’ You can add additional accounts by clicking the ‘Add another’ button. Scroll down and enter the BSB, Account Number and Account Name and then click ‘Save.’ To remove a direct debit account, simply click on account, the details will appear, and you’ll be given the option to click ‘Remove’.’ 
  4. As a final step, you will need to accept the terms and conditions for your selection. Take a moment to review the details and then, if you are satisfied, accept the terms and conditions, and click ‘Next’ to finish. You will now be able to select from the updated or added direct debit option/s each time you make super payments. 
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