Access Definitiv partners with Beam

Access Definitiv and Beam have partnered to provide their users with our integrated Super Payment feature. Look forward to simpler Super payments and reporting.

You’re one step closer to faster super payments.

At Access Definitiv, we can help you take control of labour costs and deliver better outcomes across your organisation with flexible cloud workforce management & payroll solutions that optimise workforces. Leveraging 35 years of Australian experience to deliver you accurate, compliant and timely pay runs every pay cycle, with flexible and extensible solutions that support any business structure, industry and pay condition.

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By partnering with Beam, Access Definitiv users can now streamline their super payments process using our integrated super payments tool. Simple, super brilliance.

Discover the benefits of registering with Beam.

Lighten your workload and brighten your day by registering with Beam. Once registered, you can access our software while using your payroll software. No more annoying 3rd party portals or complex processes.

Beams supertech has integrated super payments.

Icon of Real-time error management upfront validation

Real-time error management upfront validation

Our built-in error management system alerts you of any problems, in real-time. Once an error is corrected, it’s updated in the system – so it won’t happen again. Beam helps improve the quality of data to give you an error-free, efficient, uninterrupted super payment process that you can trust.

Icon of Getting started is simple

Getting started is simple

Whether your business is big or small, Beam is designed to easily fit your workflow. You can manage all your super obligations in one place, reducing admin burden and streamlining the payment process.

Icon of Pay easy with multiple payment methods

Pay easy with multiple payment methods

Beam makes super payments super easy. Choose your payment methods with payments made with EFT, BPay, Direct Debit or Direct to Fund (where data is sent to employers to pay directly to each fund by EFT).

Our STP integration has you covered

Icon of Meets the ATO’s reporting requirements with ease

Meets the ATO’s reporting requirements with ease

Beam keeps you compliant with the ATO by streamlining all your reporting obligations. You can effortlessly report payments together – like salaries, wages, PAYG withholding, and super information – all in a few clicks.

Icon of STP phase 2 reporting enabled

STP phase 2 reporting enabled

Our STP solution takes care of ATO STP Phase 2 requirements. Not only can you report pay details to the ATO each pay run, but you can now also send other information needed for ATO STP Phase 2 – all at the touch of a button. 

Icon of Confidently compliant

Confidently compliant

Beam is certified to international standards and ATO obligations. We anticipate what’s coming next, and are ready for the next legislative change. Powering one of Australia’s largest super funds and over 100,000 employers across Australia, we know how to stay ahead on compliance. And so can you.

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