Payday super and integrated super payments

In 2026, payday super is expected to shake up how employers are making super contributions. Beam’s supertech solution can help software providers prepare for an integrated super payment future.  

Payday super and integrated super payments

What is payday super and why does it matter? 

In the 2023-2024 federal Budget, the Australian government
announced that employers will be required to make super contributions at the same time they pay salary and wages.

This is called payday super.

Read the announcement here

From 1 July 2026, the new rules are proposed to come into effect. 
Payday super could have a significant impact on the workflow processes of many Australian employers, particularly for those who already struggle to make super contribution on time. 

Payday super follows government research that more frequent contributions can lead to an increased balance of 1.5% at retirement.

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Opportunity for software

Super changes won’t stop after payday super. 

Integrated super payment solutions will be important for employers, creating an opportunity for payroll software providers to provide an efficient solution.

Now is the time to explore the benefits of offering a more integrated super payment solution with Beam.

Beam has a complete supertech solution. It provides Super Payments (clearing house) and Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting solutions to workplaces all over Australia by integrating seamlessly into software platforms. 

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To pay super at the same time as wages, payroll details and super information needs to be connected and integrated as much as possible. 

Technology is moving from being an enabler for super to now being essential.”

Mathew Gilroy , Founder at Beam, and Head of Employer, Platforms and Partnerships at Australian Retirement Trust (ART)  
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