Beam for Payroll Software Providers

Beam is powerful. Beam is streamlined.
Beam is the new level of service for payroll.

Beam’s digital API’s work seamlessly with payroll software delivering integrated super payments and STP reporting within your payroll software.


Bring your payroll into the light with Beam.

Why Beam?

A different commercial model

Beam offers a flexible and responsive fee structure. We’re driven by creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Save on support costs

Create a seamless customer experience for super contributions and STP reporting while reducing your support and compliance costs.

A better customer experience

Beam’s powerful integration provides upfront validation, alerts and payment notifications, all within your payroll software.

Features and benefits

Clearing house and superannuation

Beam optimises your payroll software to help make super simple. Employers can pay multiple super funds in a single transaction, all inside your payroll software.

Single Touch Payroll

Beam’s Single Touch Payroll (STP) service has a host of features to ensure compliance with the ATO reporting requirements.

Fixed fee structure

STP services are offered in addition to clearing house and superannuation services and attract a fixed monthly per employer access fee so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

How it works

Beam’s digital API’s deliver integrated super payments and STP reporting. Here’s how it works.

Step 1.

Connect to Beam via a secure API. Access features that best suit your needs and work with your user interface.

Request access

Step 2.

Onboarding your employer clients is made easy with a suite of marketing and onboarding collateral.

Step 3.

Grow your business. By becoming a partner, you’ll be visible to more than 100,000 employers as part of our payroll network communications.

Step 4.

As you grow, we grow. Growth enables increased investment in Beam product features and benefits that enhance your payroll software.

Beam API

We’ll work with you so you can build a complete solution to suit any employer client.

Seamless integration

The Beam RESTful API’s enables our partners to easily integrate a compliant super messaging solution and STP reporting solution into their payroll software.

The APIs are cloud-based and deployed on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud infrastructure enabling high availability and fully scalable service, and are secured.

Clearing house and superannuation services

Beam has a host of features. From changing the way super payments are displayed to comprehensive reporting and error handing.


Request Access

To request access to the Beam API, simply fill out our short three-step form.

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Register participant
Onboard an employer client
  • Paperless employer registration
  • Frictionless 4 step process
  • Employer data pre-filled from payroll record so no need for employer to enter again
  • Default fund selection included in registration to enable digital on-board of default super employees
  • Uses FVS to validate APRA fund selection
Validate and submit
Contibution service
  • Beam integrates with your super batch so no need to extract data and use a fragmented portal
  • A single batch can be created, making payment to all super funds
  • Once a batch is created Beam validates the data within it allowing errors to be corrected prior to submitting the batch
  • Beam distributes contributions in compliance with SuperStream
  • Notification of payment status provides visibility throughout the process
  • Returned funds in SuperStream format are straight through processed with notifications provided directly to employer via payroll software
Payment Method
Multiple payment methods
  • Choose from EFT, BPay, Direct Debit or Direct to Fund where we send the data and the employer pays EFT directly to each fund - reducing the time it takes for your contributions to get to employee accounts
Register Member
On-board Member
  • Digital on-board to default super fund (no paper forms or external super websites to create member accounts)
  • Member number provided by fund directly into payroll

Join the partner program

Beam’s partner program represents our commitment to partnering with forward thinking payrolls to make super simple.

Become a partner

Dedicated Partner Manager

A dedicated partner manager will support your growth and development and ensure close collaboration. You’ll also benefit from a team of administration specialists for your daily business needs.

Flexible and Responsive Fee Structure

We’re driven by creating partnerships with payrolls; helping you grow your business and in turn grow ours. Our interest is in reaching more employers and employees. Our flexible fee structure reflects our focus on supporting your growth.

Marketing Toolkit

Grow faster with a range of marketing tools to introduce Beam to your clients and onboard them effectively. As a Beam Partner, your payroll will be listed on our partner directory and be visible to thousands of potential new clients.

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