It’s time to give your payroll software super-powers

Beam is a time-saving tool that integrates with your payroll software. It allows you to conveniently make super payments directly from your payroll software.

Registering is easy, and only takes a few minutes

You can register to pay super with Beam using your payroll software. Follow our guide to start making super payments simpler.

Discover the benefits

We want to make paying super easier for you.  That’s why Beam’s supertech has lightened the workload of over 70,000 Australian businesses by saving them time and endless amount of paperwork.

Super payment brilliance

Icon of Fast payment process

Fast payment process

With Beam, it’s an all-in-one experience. Forget about third party portals and file uploads. Super is tracked automatically when an employee is paid, so you can pay super in a single transaction all from within your payroll software.

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Multiple payment options

Choose from a range of payments, including EFT, BPay, Direct Debit or direct to fund payment option. How you pay super is up to you. Available payment options may vary based on your software provider’s offering.

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The privacy of your and your employees’ information is important to us, and Beam is designed with multiple layers of security to protect your information.

Getting started with Beam

Don’t forget to choose a super fund that’s right for your business

To complete the Beam onboarding process, you will need to choose at least one super fund as your default fund. Having a registered default super fund with Beam allows you to quickly create new member accounts for employees who don’t choose a super fund or have a stapled fund.

You will also need to make sure that you have entered as a participating employer (sometimes called a ‘standard employer-sponsor’) when you register to your chosen default super fund, to be able to create new member accounts with them.

You can learn more about adding super funds here.

Australian Retirement Trust

If you select Australian Retirement Trust as your default fund, you can register as a participating employer with Australian Retirement Trust in the Beam Wizard. Before you choose Australian Retirement Trust as your default fund, it’s important to read the Australian Retirement Trust Super Savings Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) guides, as these include important information about the product your employees will be acquiring, including the fees, investment strategy, insurance and more. The PDS and guides are available at

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