Beam for employers

Beam is fast. Beam is easy.
Beam is the new way to manage super in payroll.

Beam optimises your payroll software to help make super and STP reporting simple. Now your employee payroll, superannuation and STP reporting can be managed through one single and central platform.


Bring your payroll into the light with Beam.

What to expect

All of your information in one place

Beam integrates seamlessly with payroll software so you can manage your payroll, super and STP reporting obligations all in one place.

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No more chasing lost payments

Beam provides upfront data validation before you submit a contribution file. You’ll receive contribution and payment notifications every step of the way. And, there are comprehensive payment history and error handling features so you’ll never lose a payment.

Easy administration

Beam does away with data extracts, external portals and paperwork. Super will be calculated and tracked when you record employees’ pay. When super is due, simply include payments to all super funds in a single batch.

Features and benefits

Fast payment process

Super is calculated and tracked when you record your employees’ pay. When super is due, you can create a single contribution file including payments to all super funds in a single batch. No need to go to a super portal or export data.

Multiple payment options

You choose the payment option that’s best for your business. Choose from EFT, BPay, and Direct Debit, or choose our direct to fund payment option for a faster payment.

Payment history

Increased ability to self-serve with visibility of your payment history and a managed returns process so you never have to chase a lost payment.

Notifications and alerts

Your contribution data is validated upfront so you’ll receive notification of any issues in your super data before you submit it. Plus, you’ll receive payment notifications so you can track your contributions every step of the way.

Single Touch Payroll

Beam offers an integrated STP solution from within your payroll software so you can report payments such as salaries and wages, PAYG withholding and super information each time you pay your employees.


The privacy of your and your employees’ information is important to us, and Beam is designed with multiple layers of security to protect your information.

Getting started

Seamless integration

Beam seamlessly integrates with a range of Australian payroll software solutions. To access Beam, you will need to check if your payroll software provider has or is integrating with Beam.

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Your payroll software provider facilitates your on-boarding with Beam. Once integration is complete, your payroll software provider will provide you with some easy steps to getting starting with Beam.

Process your payroll

Beam won’t affect how you process your payroll. Simply, process as usual and superannuation will be calculated and tracked for you when you record your employees’ pay.

Make super payments

When you’re ready to make a payment to your employees’ funds, you just select the contribution to pay, submit, and Beam takes care of the rest. No need to go to a super portal or export data.

Think Beam is great? Suggest us to your payroll provider

Payroll partners

The Beam Team is in discussions with a number of leading Australian Payroll Software Providers. To find out if your payroll software provider is connecting with Beam, ask your payroll software provider.

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Payroll partners

Definitiv is a cloud-based people management platform for enterprises. Encompassing all your payroll and HR needs, Definitiv is a single platform designed to meet today’s workforce requirements.

HR3 payroll software is easy to use, flexible, scalable and suited to businesses of almost any size! It is particularly suited to solving complex payroll processing problems via its unique and extensible design. Whether you have 20 or 1,000 employees, you can be confident that HR3 has a payroll solution to suit your needs.

KeyPay is a cloud-based workforce management and payroll platform servicing over 98k businesses and processing over $20bn in payments each year. KeyPay is Australia’s first fully automated payroll solution, offering unparalleled time-saving benefits to businesses of all sizes. With pre-configured modern award interpretation, employee self-service, and paperless employee onboarding, KeyPay truly changes the way businesses work and pay.

Suggest Beam to your Payroll Provider

Some things are worth sharing, and we think sharing Beam with your current payroll software provider is well worth it. All you have to do is fill out the following fields, and we’ll introduce your payroll software provider to a newer, faster and compliant way to manage super payments. We’re already in discussions with many of the major software providers, and we’re ready to work with yours to bring super and payroll into a new light.

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